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Monique Hunter
Artist and Owner

About the artist and the studio

Dancing Light Stained Glass Studio is on the Erie Canal in the village of Fairport, NY. It’s owned and operated by me, Monique Hunter. I’ve settled here after living in Trinidad, Canada and Baltimore and my experiences and things I love inspire my work.


Every school shirt I owned had a spot of paint, ink, or dye on it. An artist at heart, and educator by profession, I’ve always been drawn to old decorative windows in beautiful Victorian houses and churches. Finally, I listened to my heart and enrolled in stained glass courses. My life has gloriously changed!

Some people cook with love; I glass with love. Everything that you will see in my gallery has been made from the heart.

Whether you are shopping, or browsing for inspiration or even a bit of tranquility, I hope you enjoy your time while you visit Dancing Light Stained Glass Studio.

Dancing Light Stained Glass Studio, Fairport, NY


Studio visits by appointment only.

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